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aka “Mo Mo”
July 06,1987-March 10,1993

Mo Mo was a cream horsecoat bitch, that came into our lives at 6 weeks of age. She taught us all about this breed and many lessons in the dog fancy at the same time. We purchased her with the intent of showing and breeding, and unfortunately we were never able to obtain her CSPCA registration papers. We tried for over 1 1/2 years and just finally gave up and realized we had purchased a very expensive pet from a very unreliable person.

By that time, we realized she was pet quality but she had, of course, won our hearts and rightfully took the position of ‘SPOILED WRINKLED KID’ in our home. She was our “POTATO CHIP” (you can't have just one) of the Shar-Pei world and was loved as much as any of our show “wrinkled kids”. We greatly miss her funny antics and domineering personality to this day.

Our second addition to our “wrinkled kids”, was a beautiful fawn horsecoat male, TSI MAI MAIN MAN OF BANG aka “Maynard” or “cookie dancer”. Maynard came into our lives in January of 1988. We picked him up at the airport, and he was as far back in that crate as he could get. I remember thinking there is no way I can crawl into a 200 size crate and get him out. I started talking to him, and he started to relax and the next thing I knew he was in my arms giving those sloppy pei kisses.
He was oh so curious upon our arrival home. He met our German Shepherd “Hobo”, and our Australian Shepherd “Buster”, and the Spoiled Wrinkled Kid “MO MO”. She took one look at little Maynard, looked at each of us and walked into the other room! She totally ignored all of us for a week. After that week I guess she figured the intruder was destined to be part of the family and they soon became the best of pals.

We were in hopes of Maynard becoming our first champion but he had other ideas. I worked and worked with him and he would stand, and gait and do everything just perfectly until it came time to go in the ring. The show ring was just not his place, and he absolutely hated it. He was the dog that taught us not all dogs are show dogs no matter how perfect they may be. Alas, he too earned his place in our home and has produced several Champions for us. One of his daughters was my first Champion, CSPCA CH Sun Tea First Lady Martha W., and another AKC & CSPCA CH Sun Tea Bebop Baby. When Shar-Pei were admitted to AKC Baby became the 4th AKC Champion in the state of Colorado, and the first horsecoat.

Maynard is alive and well today and will be 10 years old in October 1998. He still charms and courts the ladies, and still does his original “COOKIE DANCE” just as well as he could at 6 months. He has now added “singing” to his routine.

Maynard as a puppy.

Maynard all grown up.

At Sun Tea Shar-Pei, we strive to provide healthy, happy, loving well balanced puppies and adults as show or pet companions. We strive to get them into loving homes that accept them as “family” and are interested in their welfare for life, not just for the moment. We ask for a commitment of new owners to nurture and raise these wrinkled animals as they would their own children, as we have done. With that commitment, we guarantee we will be there to help in any way we can, throughout the entire life of this Shar-Pei.

All puppies and adults at Sun Tea Shar-Pei are sold with a written contract and to approved homes only. We keep in contact with all new owners of our “wrinkled kids” for the rest of this pei’s life,and have made many wonderful friends along the way.

We are very concerned about the health problems of the Shar-Pei and try very hard to breed away from those problems. We do our utmost to provide you with healthy Shar-Pei. There are times when health problems will crop up in ANY line, in ANY breeders kennels, at ANY time. These problems do not make a bad breeder, if the breeder is there to help you thru this time, and is responsible enough to not make the same mistakes in their breeding program. The only way a good breeder knows NOT to repeat a breeding, or to stay away from a certain line is through the SHAR-PEI OWNER!! We will welcome any call about any of our Shar-Pei, no matter what the age, whether it be a health problem, what you may deem a silly question, or something wonderful this Shar-Pei has done. PLEASE KEEP IN TOUCH WITH YOUR BREEDER!!!

We have several AKC & CSPCA Champion Shar-Pei, all owner/breeder handled, with a limited amount of showing in the past few years. We look forward to getting back in the show ring again, and meeting new Shar-Pei people.

We have tried to provide you with links in the Shar-Pei world to health issues, clubs, supplies, and other breeders. We will be adding to these links constantly. If you find something you think would be helpful to this site, please email me. Communication is what it is all about!!

I would like to quote a very dear lady and friend of mine, Connie Larson, that has met her pei at the Rainbow Bridge, and is keeping watch over all of ours until we get there, “Remember, our Shar-Pei are counting on us.”

Please continue viewing our site, and please feel free to email us or call or write with any questions you may have. I hope you enjoy your journey through our site and come back often to visit our “WRINKLED KIDS”.

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